If you are thinking of working with a virtual assistant or if you have recently started working with one, here is some advice to help you build a good relationship with them:

Clear communication

That goes without saying, that for any successful collaboration to work, communication is key and working with a virtual assistant is no exception. Make sure you clearly share your expectations, preferences (how you would like to communicate - whether it is by email, text, etc…) and timeframes (when you would like the task to be delivered).

Keep in touch regularly

Maintain frequent contact, whichever channel you choose, whether it is to acknowledge receipt of a completed task, provide feedback on a first draft, or answer a question that your VA requires to get on with the tasks at hand.

And if you work with your VA on an ad hoc basis, do not forget to check in once in a while to keep them updated with upcoming tasks or even to let them know that you won’t require their services for a little while.

Provide crystal-clear task briefs

When giving tasks to your virtual assistant, try to give them as much information as possible so they know what is expected of them, and give them access to any tools (including login details) that may be required to help with the process and avoid delay.

Use collaboration/project management tools

You could use collaboration tools and project management software to improve communication and task management. Platforms like Trello are great to stay organised, track progress, and easily communicate information with team members.

Think of your VA as a member of your team

As a VA, I’d like to think I am part of my clients' team. We are both working together to achieve common goals after all, and it is important to build a strong partnership based on open communication and mutual respect.

Provide feedback

Providing regular feedback is great and even more so at the beginning of your working relationship when you are both getting to know each other. It is good to know what works well / does not work so well right from the start.

Respect boundaries

Consider your virtual assistant's working hours, availability (your VA might be working with other clients), and personal limits (they may have other responsibilities at home). Try and provide clear expectations for response times, meeting availability, and any constraints in advance if possible.

I hope you find these tips helpful. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to assist you further or provide additional information as needed.