Here are a few tips to increase your organic reach on Instagram.

Post when your audience is online

Share your posts when your audience is online. To know when your audience is online, check your insights (note that you can only check your insights if you have an Instagram business account and already have more than 100 followers).

The engagement (likes and comments) received straight after posting is important. If the engagement is high, Instagram will push your post higher in the feed and will show your posts to more users.

Location tags

Use location tags. It could be your current location or the location of your target audience. Location tags are a great way to increase your Instagram reach. Some users search for locations rather than hashtags.


When you choose hashtags for your posts/stories, make sure that you also use popular (and more specific hashtags as well). Hashtags help people find your content. But if you only use very popular hashtags in your caption, your content may not even get noticed as it won't stay at the top of the feed long enough to be found by other users. So make sure you use a mix of popular and niche/more specific hashtags in your captions.


Use emojis at the beginning of your captions to boost interaction/engagement. Emojis grab the readers' attention when they scroll through their feeds. It might be what makes them stop and read your post!

Post more of what your audience likes

Check your insights and monitor your performance. Post more of what your audience likes. Make a note of top-performing posts and post more content like this. Make a note of any hashtags, emojis or location tags used in your top-performing posts.


Consider stories for "on-the-go" content (and feed posts for more "polished content"). And if videos are your thing, post less on your feed and focus more on Reels. But make sure you incorporate a mix of reels, stories and posts into your social media strategy.


Most people think that all they have to do is post content and wait for potential leads to contact them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you want users to see your content, you have to engage on the platform. Reply to all comments left, view posts/stories and leave meaningful comments. The more you interact, the more your content will be shown to other users. Instagram is a social network after all, you need to interact with other users to increase your organic reach.

To summarise:

  • Use the appropriate hashtags / location tags / emojis for your content,

  • Post more of what your audience likes,

  • Add Stories and Reels to your social media strategy

  • Post when your audience is online and

  • ENGAGE with your audience.