Whether we work on our own or are part of a team, we’ve all experienced these moments of frustration when our productivity seems to hit a roadblock.

‌Here are a few tips to boost your productivity...

‌Identify when you are most productive

Whether you prefer working mornings or afternoons, identify when you are most productive. If you are more productive in the morning, re-arrange your most critical chores then. If you prefer working in the afternoon, re-arrange your schedule to fit more of your tasks later in the day.

Deal with the hardest tasks first

No matter when you are most productive, try and complete the 'hardest' tasks first. It will not only set a positive tone for the remainder of your day, but it will also avoid procrastination. It also makes a lot of sense to do the difficult tasks when we are most refreshed, rather than at the end of a long working day…

Set smaller goals

Another effective approach to boost productivity is to break down projects into smaller tasks. By setting smaller goals, you not only experience a sense of accomplishment but also maintain focus and motivation throughout the day (not to mention that it is also extremely satisfying to tick all those small tasks off our list).

Limit distractions

Distractions are productivity killers. Identify and reduce sources of distraction around your desk. I find that turning off notifications or closing my inbox allows me to stay focused on the tasks at hand and be more efficient.

Block time slots for specific tasks

Time blocking involves scheduling time slots for specific tasks throughout the day. For example, I block time to check my emails, go for a walk or create/schedule my social media posts. If it is scheduled, it will get done. If it is not on my calendar, it will be forgotten or postponed.

Take a Break

Contrary to what one might think, taking breaks is essential for maintaining focus and energy levels. Short breaks like going for a walk can help recharge your energy. I know it is time for a break when I have read the same sentence several times or if I have spent far too long writing a paragraph of an email. I find that when I come back from my walk, I feel refreshed and more efficient.

Delegate tasks

Delegating responsibilities allows us to lighten our workload. Virtual Assistants (VAs) can be incredibly useful when it comes to handling tasks that take up a lot of time. As a Virtual Assistant, my job is to help my clients achieve their goals by taking care of the tasks they don’t have time to do. Are there tasks you could delegate to someone else?

‌Productivity tools

‌Here are a few tools I recommend if you would like to improve your productivity.

‌Trello is a project management application that allows for collaborative tasks with other members. I like it because it is very visual, the interface is user-friendly and it is a great tool to get/stay organised.

‌Toggl is a time-tracking tool. I use it to monitor the time I spend on my clients’ tasks but also the time I spend on my own tasks (my own admin, invoicing, marketing…) so I can decide what I should delegate next if certain tasks become too time-consuming.

‌Calendly is a scheduling tool that simplifies the process of making appointments and meetings. I use Calendly to schedule my discovery calls. My Calendly account is connected to my Zoom account and my calendar, which means that everything is automated. The booking confirmation (including the Zoom link) is sent automatically to the recipient and the appointment is saved in my calendar.

LastPass is a password manager that improves security while saving time by securely storing my login information. It also auto-fills the passwords for websites I use regularly and generates strong passwords.

Why not try some of these strategies and tools and see which ones work best for you?