When you hire a Virtual Assistant (also called VA), you only pay for his/her services. This cost may seem high at first, but hiring a full-time employee is even more costly.

Virtual assistants can save you money

Virtual assistants are independent contractors - not employees. This means that you do not pay:

- Employee-related taxes, insurance, pension, annual, sick or maternal leave,
- Equipment or supplies (you do not need to provide office space as virtual assistants work remotely using their own equipment),
- Employee training,
- Over time,
- Recruitment fees.

The only thing you pay for is professional productive work. With a Virtual Assistant, you only pay for the time spent on your project and only when you need extra support.

There are other ways that VAs can save you money:

- VAs offer online research services to help you find the best deals and save you money,

- VAs take care of your customer services’ needs (respond to e-mails, messages or social media comments), to grow your company’s reputation in your industry and retain customers.

Virtual assistants can save you time

VAs take on those everyday essential tasks you do not have time for, because you are too busy growing your business.

Because Virtual Assistants are skilled professionals, they do each task quickly and efficiently, saving you time in the process.

No HR management tasks required means that you have more time to concentrate on what matters the most.

Think of them as your “on-call administrative and business partner”.

Not convinced yet?

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