As a social media content creator, I have tested a lot of social media tools to help me create and schedule my clients' posts on social media.

These are my personal favourites:


Buffer is a scheduling tool for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram (and more). It automatically publishes your posts to the relevant social media accounts at a time specified by you. With Buffer, you can schedule to 3 platforms for free and it displays your scheduled posts in a calendar view which allows you to view your post content without having to click on each one of them.


Canva is a graphics design tool. You can use it to create visuals using pre-existing templates and royalty-free stock images for your social media accounts. It also has an AI text generator and AI writer - called "Magic Write" - which helps you create content easily. What I also like about Canva (if you have the premium version) is that you can create a visual for a specific platform (e.g. Facebook), and resize it to the dimensions you need for each platform (no need to create a new design each time).


Unsplash gives you access to free stock images. It provides some really beautiful photos that you can download for free. All you need to do is credit the photo back to its owner (it's only fair after all).


Linktree is a bio tool allowing you to house all the content you want to drive your followers to. It is a handy tool if you would like to share more than your website URL (e.g. you could also share a landing page for a specific offer, the link to your appointment scheduling tool, resources you would like your audience to view/download, etc...)


Boomerang is an Instagram app/tool that takes a burst of photos that loops forward and backward to create a short video. It is a fun way to liven up your videos.

Grid Maker

Grid Maker helps you create a puzzle grid on Instagram: It allows you to select a grid pattern (e.g. 3x3 grid pattern for a square picture) and create tiles from an image, which you can then post individually on your Instagram feed to create an even larger image.


InShot is a video (and photo) editor allowing you to trim, split/merge your videos. With InShot, you can also add your own audio as the background music track and change the aspect ratio of your videos. 

Most of these tools are free to use. However, certain features require premium versions.

Give some of them a try. You will never look back, I promise you!