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How to Find the Right Virtual Assistant for your Business

Do the responsibilities of your expanding business have you feeling overwhelmed? Is your to-do list growing quicker than you can finish it? It might be time to think about hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Where to Find Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Kent

Now more than ever, we are more interested in where our food comes from. And as I looked for suitable farm-to-table restaurants around Kent for a team outing, I thought I should also share the results of my research with you.

Merge Tags in Mailchimp

If you struggle with merge tags in Mailchimp, this short guide should help you get started.

Corporate Gifts for Christmas

5 Great Corporate Gifts For Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, I have been asked (by my clients) to look for gifts for their employees and their key clients with an emphasis on small or local companies (Kent and surrounding areas).

LinkedIn Hashtags

Are You Using Hashtags On LinkedIn?

We all know that we should use hashtags on Instagram and Twitter. Users are starting to use hashtags on Facebook and we should use hashtags on LinkedIn too.

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